The fixer saving startups from death by politics

"The famed political advisor to Uber, FanDuel, Lemonade, Tesla and other startups reveals what really happens at the intersection of politics, tech and business Most new startups today are in highly regulated industries with strong incumbents - transportation, hotels, drones, energy, gaming, ed...

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Main Author: Tusk, Bradley (Author)
Format: Books Print Book
Language: English
Published: New York : Penguin/Portfolio, [2018]
Table of Contents:
  • Section I. When Travis fought Bill
  • Turns out you can fight City Hall
  • Section II. Learning the language of politics
  • No one gives you anything by accident
  • Control the narrative, control politics
  • Three yards and a cloud of dust: press mainly comes from hard work
  • When things go truly haywire, seek consensus
  • Pick your narrative before someone else does
  • Subtlety died long before Twitter
  • Not being qualified for a job shouldn't stop you
  • People want to be led
  • It's all fun and games until someone goes to jail
  • Pick your enemies = win your battles (strangle the baby in the crib)
  • In politics, perception is reality
  • Section III. Creating the language of tech and politics
  • If you're really ambitious, create your own marker
  • When to beg for forgiveness
  • Mobilizing lots of customers defeats conventional wisdom
  • Thank you, Bill de Blasio
  • Section IV. A new venture in venture
  • To do big things, hire big talent (and pay them well)
  • Don't confuse ideology with politics
  • Make sure you see it coming
  • Riding the sharing economy to the Oval Office
  • There's no one way to skin a regulator
  • Uber for weed
  • Protecting the brand may mean losing the fight
  • Always carry enough cash
  • Who needs the Today Show?
  • Section V. Where do we go from here?
  • The biggest disruption fight of them all
  • A quick guide to startup politics.