Donor-centered leadership what it takes to build a high performance fundraising team

"In 'Donor-Centered Leadership' Penelope Burk tackles one of our most frustrating and costly problems - the high turnover rate of staff and the financial toll it takes on not-for-profits. In plain language, backed by compelling research with over 6,000 fundraisers, board members, CEOs...

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Main Author: Burk, Penelope (Author)
Format: Books Print Book
Language: English
Published: Chicago, IL : Cygnus Applied Research, Inc., 2013.
Table of Contents:
  • Part I. Fundraising and Leadership. 1. Behind the revolving door
  • 2. One thing just leads to another
  • 3. Career mobility among professional fundraisers
  • 4. How the fundraising landscape is changing
  • Part II. Building your best fundraising team. 5. Planning to hire
  • 6. How to attract top fundraising talent
  • 7. Salary and benefits in the real world
  • 8. How to select the best candidate
  • 9. Hiring the people who lead
  • Part III. Holding onto the team you build. 10. Bright, shiny and new: how to maximize the value of new staff and volunteers
  • 11. How to hold onto good staff
  • 12. Time and productivity
  • 13. I'm leaving
  • 14. Donor-centered leadership.